Adding Personality To Your Work Wardrobe

Conservative office dress codes can stifle fashion creativity, but there are plenty of ways to add a personality to your work wardrobe and still impress the boss. In fact, fashion is becoming more and more prized in the workplace. A perfectly pulled together outfit, which blends classic styles with fashionable touches, shows that you are confident, organized and professional.  So, take these tips, head to your favorite online consignment shops and spend a bit of that paycheck.


Add color: When you think of work wear, you probably think of dark suits, white button-up shirts and neutral shoes.  Undoubtedly, those things will always have a spot in your work wardrobe. But, a bit of color can wake everything up. Try switching out that white top for a bold color or pretty print under your blazer or cardigan. Don’t toss your black pumps just yet, but shoes are another great place to add color. However, choose your colors carefully.  They should compliment your skin tone and send the right message.  Deep jewel tones, like purple and emerald, are confident and friendly while red and navy are powerful.


Get a great bag: One of the easiest ways to amp up a professional wardrobe is a designer handbag. For the best mix of professionalism and fashion, look for a structured bag in either a bold color or a classic logo pattern from designers such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Coach. Nothing looks more clumsy than hauling in multiple bags and stacks of paper, so search designer consignment shops for a tote or shoulder bag large enough to tuck it all into. The best news is that, like your 401K or IRA, a designer handbag is an investment that will be with you for years.


Add an accessory: Who doesn’t love a statement necklace, or colorful cuff? Adding a fun accessory is a great way to toss in some personality into a neutral outfit. Go with something colorful, or even something sparkly. But, don’t get crazy. This isn’t to time to pile on a big necklace, an oversized cocktail ring and a stack of bangles. Keep it classy by sticking to one statement accessory at the office.


Go wild: For a little pattern play, add in an animal print. Leopard, cheetah and snakeskin prints typically look more confident and classic than florals or abstract designs. However, this is a case where less is more, so animal print pants or a dress might be a little much. Instead, try a top in a chiffon or satin fabric under a blazer or cardigan.  Or, pair an animal print pencil skirt with a black top and shoes.  For an even more scaled down version, try a scarf or pair of shoes.

Tips for Concealing a Muffin Top

Nothing is more crushing to a woman’s confidence than clothing that clings and highlights the wrong areas.  Whether it’s their natural body shape or a reminder of the joys of pregnancy, the stomach is a trouble area for many ladies. Happily, designer consignment shops offer plenty of options for concealing and flattering a soft tummy.


Mid Rise Jeans: They might be having a fashion moment, but low-rise jeans really only look great on ladies with trim, tight tummies. For everyone else, mid-rise jeans are the way to go. But, don’t assume these need to be frumpy.  High-end brands like J. Crew, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, Elie Tahari, and Joe’s Jeans, all offer mid-rise selections that are style staples. Look for jeans that hit at the belly button.  Any higher and you venture into dangerous “mom jeans” territory.


Long, flowing tops: Balance proportions and create long, slimming lines with tunics or long tops that rest just below the hips. This will not only conceal a muffin top, but will also make your hips look slimmer.  However, not ever long top is created equal. Choose flowing shapes in lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon or satin, that offer plenty of movement. This lets the top glide over the stomach, rather than clinging.


Empire waistlines: The ultimate in flattering silhouettes, empire-waist tops and dresses both conceal and enhance. With a waistline that rests just below the bust, this silhouette makes breast look perky and full.  Who doesn’t love that? Since they open up into a flowing fit, empire waistlines also conceal the stomach. For an even more fashion-forward twist, a peplum top will have similar results.


Layer: Adding an extra layer seems like it would just add bulk, but layering is actually a trendy and effective way to flatter and conceal a muffin top. The best part is, there are so many ways to do it that you can use this trick again and again without your wardrobe getting stale! Try a classic, fitted or more casual boyfriend-style blazer over a printed tee.  Or, pair a colorful, loose cardigan over one of those flowing tops.  A boxy leather jacket, which rests just below the waist, is also a fashionable option on cooler days.


Accessorize: This trick is all about the art of misdirection.  Bold, colorful statement accessories catch the eye and bring focus right where you want it.  Bookend your look with a statement necklace and a pair of colorful shoe so that the eye moves up and down. Like you really needed an excuse to buy more shoes! But, stay away from big bracelets since they tend to rest close to the stomach.

What To Wear To A Wedding

Love is in the air and wedding season is just around the corner. From outdoor casual to elegant affairs, attending a wedding is a fun and special occasion. However, with a variety of dress codes and venues it can be confusing to select the right outfit for the occasion.  No matter what type of affair you are headed to, designer consignment shops have the right outfits for all of the season’s affairs.


Outdoor, informal ceremonies:  Laid-back ceremonies in the summer sun are often the most fun to attend.  Be it a garden, backyard or beach wedding, a lightweight, colorful dress is a chic choice.  Shorter lengths are usually best, but maxi lengths are fine as well, as long as the fabric and pattern aren’t overly casual. Designers like J. Crew, BCBG Maxararia and Lilly Pulitzer offer lovely choices.   You’ll also want to opt for sandals or flats over heels to prevent sinking into the ground.


Informal Evening:  Perhaps the most common dress code, informal evening ceremonies are the easiest to dress for.  Since such a wide variety of things are appropriate, this is an excellent time to play with fashion.  Find a fun patterned dress or brightly colored dress.  A little black dress that you can add colorful statement accessories and chic shoes to is also a fantastic choice.  Typically, you’ll want to cover your shoulders with a cardigan or jacket if your dress happens to be sleeveless.


Semi-Formal Evening:  This is possibly the most confusing of wedding dress codes.  You’d always rather be a bit over dressed than under dressed.  Head to an online consignment shop for an unbeaded cocktail dress in a rich shade or a little black dress.  Add a touch of glamor with a hint of sparkly jewelry.


Formal Evening or Black Tie:  Upscale affairs call for an extra measure of glamor.  Opt for a long gown in luxurious fabrics from designers like Tony Bowls or Mari Lee.  Switch out your everyday handbag for a small evening clutch and don a bit of glittering jewelry and stylish heels.  Just remember that you don’t want to outshine the bride, so don’t over do it with the sparkles.

Fashion Tips for Petite Ladies

Every woman has her own challenges when it comes to fashion, but petite women often feel like they got the short end of the stick when it comes to finding pieces they love.  Sure, sky-high heels can help, but there are plenty of other ways to make the most of every inch, and online consignment shops have them all.


Create vertical lines:  Using patterns and details to create vertical lines, that help the eye move from top to bottom, can help to elongate the body and make you look taller.  The most obvious way to do this is with vertical stripes.  For a subtler look, seek out pieces with long vertical rows of buttons, pleats, or long vertical seams.  Stay away from patterns and details that create horizontal lines or overwhelm your frame.  Large patterns and horizontal stripes can look unflattering because they emphasize your width instead of your height.


Choose a monotone color scheme:  Another way to lengthen your look is to select a monotone color scheme.  Wearing the same color from top to bottom prevents breaking up the line of the body.  Choose a neutral tone and then add pops of color with jewelry and accessories.


Choose the right cut:  When shopping designer consignment shops for pants, choose straight, cigarette or slightly flared styles that graze your shoes but do not touch the floor.  Avoid wide-leg pants, cuffs and high waists since these can all make you look shorter.  There is also a myth that petite ladies shouldn’t wear maxi dresses and skirts.  However, maxi styles can actually be very flattering since they help to create long lines and flowing silhouettes.  To make the look work, be sure the hemline reaches the ankle and doesn’t skim the floor.


Choose the right accessories:  Petite ladies will want to pay particular attention to their accessories.  Oversized and unstructured handbags can overwhelm a small frame.  Instead, scour online consignment shops for small, structured designer handbags.  Coach, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs all offer a wide variety of smaller handbags perfect for petite ladies.  Also, though large statement necklaces are trendy right now, they may not be a flattering choice for ladies with small frames.  Instead, stick with small, dainty pieces.


Get to know your tailor:  No matter what cut, color or pattern or clothing you select, correct fit is especially important for petite women.  Designer consignment shops are full of flattering pieces, but many of them will need slight alterations to ensure they highlight your assets.  Developing a relationship with a good tailor means they can get to know what works best for your figure and can help you achieve your best style.

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Fashionista in Your Life

Mother’s day is right around corner and now is the time to start shopping for the perfect gift.  This year, skip the potted-plants, bath wash sets and scented candles.  A high-fashion momma deserves and gift worthy of her lifestyle.  Start shopping designer consignment stores now for the perfect gift for your fashion-loving mom.


Designer Handbag:  Moms pack their purses with sippy cups, crayons, lost toys and snacks.  Let her haul all that (or recover from it) in style with designer consignment handbags.  Since moms are great at taking care of the practical things, and she probably has a few basic, neutral bags.  For Mother’s Day, treat her to a fun, colorful bag from Coach, Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton.


Wallet:  She’s always whipping out her wallet to buy for groceries, field trips, soccer lessons and prom dresses.  Make sure she remembers how much you love her every time she reaches for her wallet.  Designers such as Tory Burch, Coach and Michael Kors offer options that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Better yet, get her one that matches her designer handbag for a coordinated look she us sure to love.


Sunglasses:  With summer starting to warm up and the days getting longer, now is the perfect time to give mom a pair of designer sunglasses.  Online consignment shops have all the latest trends from Gucci, Christian Dior and Prada.


Pandora Bracelet & Beads:  One of the hottest trends in jewelry, Pandora bracelets, which let you create a custom accessory.  Start with an empty bracelet and then add a few beads representing Mom’s interests, in her favorite colors or featuring her children’s initials.  Don’t worry about filling the whole bracelet right now.  One of the best things about this gift is that you can add to it for future Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts.


Shoes:  What woman doesn’t love a great pair of shoes?  This favorite accessory is often overlooked as a potential gift.  Sneak a peak in her closet for her shoe size and then head to an online consignment shop for a pair of fun sandals perfect for summer.  Every fashionable mom will love a new pair from Tory Burch, Cole Haan, Burberry or Kate Spade.

The 5 Occasions Your Wardrobe Should Always Be Prepared For

A well-dressed lady prides herself in always knowing the right thing to wear for any event. But, when spur-of-the-moment occasions pop up, you can’t always shop for the perfect outfit at the last minute. From job interviews to upscale dates, these are the top five occasions your wardrobe should always be ready for.


1. Job Interview:  Even if you are happily employed (or blissfully unemployed), you never know when a great opportunity will arise.  Since business clothes typically need a few alternations to make them just right, you should always be prepared to interview for your dream job.


What to wear:  You can never go wrong with a well-tailored, dark or neutral colored suit from a classic designer like Armani or Dolce & Gabbana at a job interview.  A structured dress, topped with a sleek blazer can also work well.  Complete the look with natural, close-toed heels and a structured designer handbag.  Your potential employer will expect you to arrive in your professional best, so peruse Rhode Island Consignment Shops for an outfit that is a few steps nicer than you would wear when you land the job.


2. Funeral:  It’s awful to think about, but the death of a beloved family or friend is difficult enough without needing to shop for an appropriate outfit.  Grabbing the right style from a designer consignment shop before you think you will need it can take one piece of stress out of a terrible time.


What to wear:  A black or dark-colored dress, accented with minimal accessories, is the traditional choice.  However, you can also go with any conservative, neutral outfit.  Just stay away from bold hues, big jewelry and casualwear since understated is always best for this occasion.


3. Upscale Date:  Who doesn’t love being whisked away for a romantic evening? Whether you have been married for years, are in a committed relationship or are hoping to meet Mr. Right, every woman should be ready for a last-minute date.


What to wear:  You’ll feel more confident and sexy in an outfit that plays up both your assets and personality.  Stock your closet with a flirty dress in your favorite color or a little black dress that you can personalize with fun accessories.


4. Last-minute vacation:  You might prefer to spend weeks planning your travel wardrobe, but spontaneity is fun too.  When the chance for a spur-of-the moment girl’s weekend or romantic getaway pops up, make sure you can get out of town quickly.


What to wear:  Consignment shops in RI are an excellent source for tote bags ready to fill with a weekend’s worth of getaway attire.  Skirts and tops in easy to wear fabrics like linen, cotton and jersey are perfect for short trips.  Also, every woman should have at least one flattering swimsuit that she feels confident in.


5. Work Dinner:  Networking is part of every job and when it’s time to entertain clients, have dinner with the boss or have drinks with co-workers your workday wardrobe may need a little tweaking.


What to wear:  Combine professionalism and fun by amping up your business wear with brightly colored shoes, statement jewelry or a pretty designer handbag.  Also, ditch the blazer and toss on a colorful cardigan.

Spring Is In The Air! What to Wear?

The long winter is finally winding down and it’s time to pack away the warm layers, bulky coats and scarves.  Warm sun and spring flowers signal the return of frilly frocks, bare legs and open-toe shoes and pastel hues.  If your closet need a little makeover, rhode island consignment shops are brimming with the hottest trends in spring fashion.


Button-up Shirts:  The classic button-up, collared shirt is back and better that ever.  Pale tones such as cream, pink, grey and other pastels are perfect for spring, but white is the real standout here.  To amp up this traditional style, look for embellished versions with bows at the neck, studs on the collar, darting or peplums at the waist.  This look can work in both casual and business settings.  On your day off, roll up the sleeves of a loose-fit white button-up and pair it with distressed boyfriend jeans and heeled booties.  For sweet-meets-sassy work attire, pair your button-up with a fitted pencil skirt, colorful heels, a bright statement necklace and a loose updo.


Full Skirts:  They might seem like a throwback to the 1950s, but tea-length full and A-line skirts are perfectly on-trend this season.  In both light solids and pretty prints, this style is classic springtime fashion.  To balance the proportions of a fuller skirt, stick to fitted or structured tops.  Loose fit, boxy or tunic tops overwhelm the body with this type of skirt.  Also, add modern touches like a cropped jacket, edgy jewelry, strappy shoes or a leather clutch to keep this look from becoming overly vintage.


Wide-Leg Pants:  Skinny pants might have been the top trend for the past few years, but this season wide-leg pants are pushing their way into the limelight.  Cropped and full-length versions will make stylish, yet comfortable statements at the office, cocktail parties and everything in between.  Tailoring is especially important with this look.  Have the full-length pants hemmed so that the bottom skims the top of your shoe and doesn’t fit the ground. Try this look with structured tops and jackets and fun statement heels.


Cropped Jackets:  For pulling together a polished look that will keep away the last remaining chill, pick up a cropped jacket that hits just at the waist.  Leather, denim and tweed versions are perfect from transitioning from winter to spring.  Team this look with a long, flowing top to draw attention to the face.  Because cropped jackets, especially leather or embellished version, make a big impact on their own, minimize accessories, such as necklaces and earrings and necklaces, on the upper body.  Instead, search consignment shops in RI for a luxe bag or clutch to add interest.

The Handbag Brands You Need Right Now

Resale designer handbags are the ultimate fashion accessories.  Whether you are choosing your first luxury bag, or adding a new favorite to your collection, the choices can be dizzying.  Consignment shops offer every possible designer line and all you have to do is find the brand that speaks to you.


Louis Vuitton:  Arguably the most coveted of all handbags, Louis Vuitton pieces have been fashion staples since they debuted in 1854.  Though the brand offers a wide range of styles and colors, it are best known for the Monogram Canvas line which comes in a several shapes and features the classic LV logo on a chocolate background with tan leather accents and closures.  Louis Vuitton bags are not only enviable, they are also workhorses that will last a lifetime.  Since production of these iconic bags is tightly controlled and their prices are never marked down, the only way to pay less than retail is to score one at a designer consignment shop.


Coach:  Through the brand premiered in 1941, it really hit its stride in the 80s and 90s.  Today, with big names like Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow and Hayden Panettiere toting the bags, the line is more popular than ever.  With styles ranging from highly structured to soft and slouchy, the line offers solid construction paired with both bold modern colors and classic neutrals.  Though many styles feature the large “C” logo, the logo-less designs offer all the style and quality with a more understated and approachable look.


Kate Spade:  Since 1993, Kate Spade bags have been the epitome of girly, preppy style.  With structured shapes in bold colors and pretty patterns this line is both polished and fun. The brand, which may be the most youthful of designer handbags lines, transitions seamlessly from casual to elegant so that your can carry the same bag nearly anywhere.  Kate Spade is a raising star and now is the time to jump on the trend.
Vera Bradley:  Since 1982, Vera Bradley has issued a line of wildly popular fabric handbags and travel accessories.  Since the durable bags are completely washable they are the perfect casual accessories to take anywhere. The brand offers a full line of handbags, luggage and travel accessories in bright, floral patterns so that you can mix and match your favorites.  With fresh designs being rotated in and out every season, online consignment stores are the best way to pick up pieces in that you missed out on.

Carry The Right Bag For Every Occasion

Fashionable ladies pride themselves on always knowing the right thing to wear for every occasion.  You’d never dream of walking into a job interview in jeans or into a formal event in a tee-shirt.  But, do you pay as much attention to your handbag? Just as you need different outfits for different occasions, your wardrobe needs a small selection of handbags.  Head to your handbag consignment shop to find all the totes, clutches and satchels you need to be prepared for every occasion.


Vacation:  Whether you are heading out on the great American road trip, lounging on a Caribbean beach or touring museums in Europe you’ll need a well-made bag that will stand up to the rigors of travel.  A large tote, that will still fit under a plane seat, with an open top is perfect for schlepping all of your magazines, snacks and electronics though the airport and will keep you from fumbling with clasps and zippers while taking out your tiny toiletries at the security line.  As a bonus, the right tote can double as a beach bag.


While sightseeing you’ll also want a small crossbody bag.  With just enough room for your passport, credit cards, a bit of cash and the barest makeup essentials, this hands-free style is perfect for days spent walking, shopping and adventuring.  Best of all, since crossbody styles are relatively flat, it will slide easily into your luggage to reduce the amount of bags you are hauling.


Job Interview:  Impressing a potential new employer means looking professional, all the way down to your handbag.  If you walk in dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, subtle accessories and neatly-done hair, with a tattered, brightly-colored hobo bag on your arm, the impression you make will be lacking.  Instead, opt for a structured leather satchel or flap bag in a neutral shade.  Also, make sure your bag is clean, both inside and out.  Overlooking details like scuffs, or rooting through discarded receipts and crumbled papers while looking for a pen can distract from the impact you are trying to make.
Elegant Affairs:  You might look your glamorous best in your slinky formal gown and sparkly sparkly jewels, but the look can be ruined by tossing your everyday leather bag over your shoulder.  Weather its a charity ball, upscale wedding or other formal event, if you are wearing an evening gown you also need an evening bag.  Look for a satin or beaded clutch in a metallic or neutral hue.  Envelope, box clutches and minaudiere styles are all stylish and appropriate.  Search designer consignment shops for one with a thin chain so that it can be hung over the shoulder or held in hand.

5 Must-Have Items Where Quality Counts

When it comes to stocking your closet with the latest trends and fads, there are plenty of opportunities to save money by opting for lower end brands.  However, there are some must-have classics that will never go out of style.  For these staples it’s a good idea to buy the best brand you can afford.  When you can’t afford to skimp on quality, consignment shops are your go-to source for luxury brands that won’t break the bank.

An Everyday Designer Handbag:  Your bag is by far your most used accessory.  You might start out vowing to baby it, but it ends up overstuffed with your essentials, getting hauled around all day, and tossed into the backseat.  A high-end designer handbag is designed to be used everyday and still look beautiful.  While you’ll eventually want to add more styles and colors to your collection, start out with mid-sized, neutral designer consignment handbags in iconic styles from Louis Vuitton, Coach or Tory Burch.

A Little Black Dress:  More versatile than any other item in your closet, a LBD will take you anywhere.  Wear the right dress to an elegant affair with your best sparkles, to a fun night out with bold accessories or to a work function with a smart blazer.  While most frocks will spend more time hanging in a garment bag than out and about, your little black dress will be your go-to outfit.  With so many opportunities to wear it, it only makes sense to grab a high-end version.  Look for beautiful classic styles from Tahari, BCBG or Nicole Miller.

Well-Tailored Suit:  Even if you live a laid-back lifestyle and work in a casual office, there are some occasions that require a perfectly tailored suit.  When a job interview, big meeting or opportunity to impress a client pops up, you won’t have time to shop and tailor an outfit. Instead, be prepared by having a the classic suit from a designer such as Max Mara, Chanel or Armani ready to go.  Best of all, a matched suit easily breaks up into separates that mix, match and work with the rest of your wardrobe.

Black and Nude Pumps:  For fashionistas, there is nothing more fun than amassing the latest strappy sandals, colorful flats, and heeled booties.  But, if your shoe collection was limited to just two pairs of heels in nude and black, you would be prepared for nearly every occasion.  Since you stand and walk in your shoes all day long they are never the place to compromise on quality.  This rule is especially true for staples that will be worn frequently.  To keep your feet comfortable yet stylish, scour online consignment shops for deals on Salvatore Ferragamo, Cole Haan, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik.

Metal Watch:  Though you might whip out your phone or peek at the computer screen every time you need to check the clock, a classic timepiece will never go out of style.  Not only is a beautiful gold of stainless watch a beautiful accessory, there are many times when slyly glancing at your wrist is more acceptable than grabbing your smartphone.  For a high-end watch that will last for decades turn to brands like Rolex or Raymond Weil.